Myth Busting: Steroids Edition

Myth Busting: Steroids Edition

All of us can agree with the fact that steroids get a bad rep. This is largely because of the various incidents of ‘roid rage’, which have occurred over the years.

Yes, it’s true that consuming steroids in large quantity can lead to negative consequences. However, that’s true in case of any other drug or supplement (or even alcohol). Therefore, the question remains, why do steroids get so much hate?

Well, a lot of it has to do with the myths that are associated with them. Take a look at some of these:

It Makes Women Appear Like Men


One of the most common misconceptions that people have about steroids is that they can alter the appearance of female bodybuilders to the point where they start looking like men.

That’s not exactly true though. While excessive usage of steroids may lead to some complications, those problems are reversible once the cycle is over. Furthermore, a lot of it also depends on the kind of steroids that are chosen.

They Are a Quick Fix


Beginners usually turn to steroids because they feel that it will help them get the results they are looking for. Well that won’t happen if you don’t maintain a strict exercise regime and eat a balanced diet.

Just know that steroids are not some kind of magic pill that will immediately change your body shape. You will still have to put in effort. All that steroids really do is enhance your endurance and allow you to train harder in the gym.

They Lead To Liver Damage

You might be aware that steroids are divided into two categories: oral and injectables. People who prefer the latter will often tell you that when you take oral steroids, they need to pass through the liver to enter your system, which can lead to high level of toxicity in your body.

Again, that is a myth. Steroids don’t cause as much damage to the liver as alcohol or other drugs do.


Mental illness is a major problem, which is not discussed as frequently as it should be. Since there is little information available on the usage of steroids and its impact on depression, people often grasp on straws and jump to conclusions.

There have been cases in the past where ‘experts’ have connected steroids with depression. It’s almost like saying that violent video games or heavy metal music are the reason for high school shootings.

The fact is that there is no medical evidence to suggest that steroids lead to mental imbalances and cause depression.

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